The pleasure of making something delicious to eat and then sharing it with friends and family is the best feeling. There is nothing nicer than seeing people’s faces as they enjoy the fruits of my labour. Now I do not profess to be the best cook in the world, that I leave to my lovely husband, but I do enjoy the whole shopping, poring through cookbooks, deciding and finally the making of.

I realise that I am a bit obsessive with food when I make reading cookbooks my nighttime ritual, and ever since I can remember going out to restaurants was my favorite pastime. My husband and I have passed this love onto our girls,so much so that when I am cooking I always ask them to  taste and they in turn inform me on what it needs a little bit more or what is missing. So it makes sense to write about what makes me happy. There are loads of foodie blogs out there and I really do not expect mine to be life-shattering or different in any way,but this is just a glimpse into my life through food and anything else that may surround it.

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