I always have herbs on the go. Planted outside in the summer time, or inside when the frost comes. They tend to have a place in practically all my cooking, and work wonders for various ailments like stomach aches. Growing up I remember mum always making us anise and mint tea to help settle our tummies!

Here are a few that grow in my garden. When the weather turns I cut them and lay them on a tea towel and let them dry for a few days. This way they last for good few months depending on how much you have.

Basil,sweet,lemon and Thai. Mint. Lavender. Lemon balm. Oregano,Greek lemon. Oregano,,Greek,lemon.Rosemary. Thyme,lemon. Coriander.

These tend to be quite easy to grow and they thrive so much. I don’t mind though as I love their aromas and they are so lovely to look at.



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