So here we are with the Big Day just around the corner. Funnily enough even though I have shopped till I dropped and spent way too much on everything the thought of Christmas Day is bringing a smile to my face. My Girls are not little anymore, the best time to celebrate by the way, however even though they are in their teens they still embrace this time of year with the same gusto as when they were wee little girlies!

Of course the gifts have something to do with it but they love the baking and decorating aspect of this time of year as well. So with that in mind they will clutter up the kitchen with all things gingerbread on the weekend.I have been informed that my help will not be needed so I will make myself busy in other ways and hope that they clean up after themselves! We will post the finished product for all to see.

Alas I will not be cooking dinner this year as we will be going to my brother’s house and yes I say alas because I really enjoy the process–even when we were living in Dublin with my husband working, the girls and I still made the big turkey with all the sides, lets just say that we could have fed the entire country with the amount of food that we made. I made sure that I cooked the entire meal so that the girls did not feel they were missing out without any other family around. Yes, one huge turkey, the table covered in food, myself and two lovely little girls at the table! Good memories.

From my family to yours we wish you all the best this Christmas Season and hope that it will be full of love and happiness.


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