Where oh where is the spring? Driving around town yesterday I was pondering this very question as the snow and hail was falling sideways and resembling a blizzard. Yet here we are in April and it is still bitterly cold and instead of rain showers, old man winter is just not ready to move on! So as these thoughts were swirling through my brain, images of sunnier warmer climates came to mind. Bright sun drenched colours and flavours that recall hot holidays in Mexico. Scents of limes and avocados, ripe tomatoes,coriander…. so even though it feels like winter here dinner was going to feel like summer!

Marinated chicken served with tortillas and tacos,along with guacamole and salsa! Shredded cheese and fresh lettuce to top off everything. Yes, I can feel the sun now…..


Ripe avocados, 3 or 4
3 limes
Handful coriander, chopped
1 smashed garlic clove
Chopped chili, optional
Salt and pepper to season


Chopped ripe tomatoes
1/4 Chopped red onion
handful of chopped coriander and mint
Juice of a lime
Salt and pepper to season
Drizzle of olive oil

For the guacamole I like to keep the avocados chunkier. Combine all the ingredients seasoning until you get the flavour you want. I like a lot of lime and loads of coriander. To prevent the avocados from browning add the pit to your guacamole until you are ready to eat.

For the salsa make sure to de seed the tomatoes so the salsa does not get too watery.
I also like to add mango to this but I did not have any. With the proper seasoning though the flavours are still wonderful!


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