Summer is here, finally! I have been gone a while, combination of being a little sick and travelling. I am here though and even though I have been neglecting this blog (very naughty, I know) there are a lot of my photos over at my Instagram account. Tangible changes is my name, don’t ask why it just sounds nice to me! Anyway it is hot, hot, hot here so with that in mind a barbeque seems just the thing. A beautiful beef done on the barbi is delish! So vegetarians turn away now!!

Get the best cut that you can. I massaged this lovely with a mixture of coriander seeds, pepper and salt. Added a little olive oil and put onto a really hot grill to sear. Then transferred to the top grill, reduced the heat and slowly cooked it until done to your liking! As always let rest for at least half an hour.

Meanwhile take a lot of mint, parsley,a couple of cloves of garlic and some smashed up capers and puree with a lovely olive oil, lots of pepper. A little zest of lemon would add a spike of freshness as well. Top the beef with this sauce and enjoy!!


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