If you grew up in a Cypriot household you would know what these are. Glyko or spoon sweets were always available for when guests would drop by. Usually they were offered along with a Greek coffee and a glass of water on the side.img_5235


Small vegetables or fruit can be used. Everything from small eggplants to thick orange peel and everything in between. Here I have used quince which I love. They can be quite pricey but to make two jars  just two were used.
Start with peeling the quince and make sure you have a bowl of cold water with lemon juice ready to put the them into. Core and slice each into six pieces. In a saucepan add equal amounts of sugar and water along with a stick of cinnamon and a few cloves. Once the sugar has dissolved add the quince. Simmer for about twenty minutes until just soft.Reduce to  a syrup. Take off the heat and allow to cool right down. Once cooled add to jars that have been sterilised. They will keep like this for a few months, if they last that long! Enjoy!

Other fruits that can be used.

Cherries, Bitter orange peel, Apples just to name a few.                                                                                                                                                    img_5252


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