Christine is my name and currently I am living in Toronto,Canada. My first twelve years were spent in London,England and then we upped and moved here. The past 10 years my husband ,two girls and I have lived in Dublin, Ireland. There, I really cultivated my love for food,the Slow Food Movement and everything whole and real. I like to know where my food comes from and I would rather give my money to the little grocery store on the corner. I love food markets and specialty food stores. My husband and I are  lucky to have kids who enjoy all types of food –we instilled this into them as soon as they could eat!

I also am proud to say that I come from a Greek Cypriot background and grew up eating wonderful food that my lovely mum put before myself,brother and sisters. She made everything from scratch  with much love and she was renowned for her breads. Love and miss you mum.

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel, in which I film videos of my youngest daughter and I cooking in our kitchen!


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